Who We Are

Cyberyllium, LLC - a premier professional services team dedicated to providing advanced technological innovation
throughout the United States Department of Defense and federal Intelligence Community.

About Us

Cyberyllium, LLC leaders have a proven track record in Cyber Security Operations Consulting, Cyber Security System Tool Integration, Security Information Event Management, Big Data Analytics, Threat Intelligence, and Cutting-Edge Visualizations. Cyberyllium understands these markets and has learned what works and what doesn’t. Cyberyllium has taken the burden off each of its customers, having researched the most appropriate state of the art technologies that integrate seamlessly together and have been proven throughout industry.

Our Mission

A clear path forward is the way we define our ability to meet our clients’ needs. Every part of our business is focused on quick and agile response, innovative thinking and a relentless commitment to getting the job done right.

There is a new way – better and faster – to deliver innovative security applications that improve decision-making, focus on key data points and processes, and unite effective and cost efficient IT solutions in driving bottom-line performance.



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Industry Leaders

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Our Services

Cyber Security Operations Consulting

Operations Automation

Cyber Security Defense Tool Integration

Security Information Event Management

Big Data Platform Architecture Integration

Defense Use Case Development

Insider Threat Detection

Data Analytics

Elasticsearch Professional Services

Cyberyllium, LLC is a premier professional services arm for Elasticsearch Federal Incorporated, the main United States federal support corporation for Elastic.co software and technology. Our team is directly immersed in the products development lifecycle, closely working with Elastic's dedicated internal software support, development, and federal product line teams. This close relationship allows our team to integrate the latest software updates and request advance feature upgrades to ensure compatibility and compliance across the DoD and the federal government's networks and systems.

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